Christiana Greene



Scoring Average


Tell us about your favorite golf memory. (Setting a new PR, sinking a birdie putt, playing with your classmates/family, your first memory of playing golf, etc.)

My favorite golf memory would probably be when I was given the MVP award in eighth grade on my high school varsity golf team.

Tell us about your accomplishments and what you’re most proud of. (Won an event(s), gained more confidence in your driver, qualified for an event, dropped your scoring average over x amount of time, etc.)

Some of my accomplishments that I am most proud of are winning first, second, and third place awards in tournaments and getting a compliment from the Florida State women’s golf coach at a college camp. I am most proud of moving from home to board at GPC and my commitment to playing golf.

What player do you look up to the most? (LPGA, PGA, Korn Ferry + LA Tours, current player at your top college choice, GPC alum, etc.)

I look up to Brianna Navarrosa the most. She plays at the University of Southern California and has five top 10 finishes.

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