Angelo Martinez

Angelo Martinez


Albuquerque, NM

Scoring Average


Tell us about your favorite golf memory. (Setting a new PR, sinking a birdie putt, playing with your classmates/family, your first memory of playing golf, etc.)

One of the best memories I have of golfing is playing with my uncle and dad.

Tell us about your accomplishments and what you’re most proud of. (Won an event(s), gained more confidence in your driver, qualified for an event, dropped your scoring average over x amount of time, etc.)

My most proud golf accomplishment was getting an opportunity to come to GPC and attend as a student athlete.

What player do you look up to the most? (LPGA, PGA, Korn Ferry + LA Tours, current player at your top college choice, GPC alum, etc.)

The player I look up most too is Justin Thomas because of his work ethic and his amazing golf abilities.

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