roland millman

Performance Coach

Hello there, my name is Roland Millman. As a performance coach here at The Golf Performance Center, I get the opportunity to interact with all of our member groups. I really enjoy diving into their specific goals and corrective strategies to help educate them on why we are doing what they are doing. I also love connecting with them on a deeper level and getting to know their why. From program design and implementation to being in the moment with the music pumping during the workout, I love helping our members work toward their goals. A little about me – Originally, I am from the Mid-Hudson Valley in New York. My background is in strength and conditioning and corrective exercise. I am a proud Springfield College alumni. When I am not in the performance zone at GPC you can find me outdoors. I love spending time outdoors, and while I am out there you may find me golfing, hiking, hunting, backpacking, and trying to pet all of the dogs. I enjoy watching Rangers hockey, and pretty much any live golf content. In the gym my principles are pretty simple – move well, and move often. While that concept is merely just one that I’ve adopted over my career, it is one that I try to own and improve upon for myself. I look forward to meeting all of you, so don’t be a stranger. Come see me any time and we’ll talk about how I can best help you in achieving your goals.

All the best,

– Roland

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