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Ethan Allen Preparatory's Charlie Wampfler - Director of Academics and Operations
05 November
  • November 5, 2018

Charlie Wampfler

In her role at The Golf Performance Center, Charlie is responsible for overseeing all education related activities both on and off campus. Her sole focus is to provide comprehensive support for the ACHIEVE program student athletes, enabling them to reach their academic potential. On a daily basis, Charlie works directly with students, coaches, tutors, and parents, creating individualized learning plans and developing executive functioning skills to take students from class, to graduation and on to college. She is passionate about non-traditional and alternative forms of education that highlight individual learning styles.

Charlie was previously the director of a private education services company in Boulder, CO. She holds degrees as a M.A. in Psychology from Pepperdine University and a B.S. in Special Education from Miami University.

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The Golf Performance Center’s Tyler Campbell - Director Of Performance
13 October
  • October 13, 2016


Tyler Campbell has been with the GPC family approximately five years and has seen the business grow into the world-class facilities that are offered today. Before his time at GPC, Tyler studied Exercise Physiology and Aquatic Therapy at West Virginia University, where he earned his degree in 2011. While finishing school, Tyler simply made a list of “things he loved” and strived to combine a few of those passions into a career; helping others, his studies, and the sport of golf, leading to a career that has been fulfilling, challenging, and motivating day in and day out. Tyler has been improving athlete’s physical function and athletic performance for the benefit of their golf swing for close to 10 years now and has worked with golfers of all ages and abilities. Tyler holds TPI Fitness Level 3 certification and is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. His goal is to help you move better, feel better, and ultimately play better golf! In his free time, Tyler loves spending time with his friends and family, working out, and touring the local back roads on his motorcycle.

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The Golf Performance Center’s Dennis Hillman - Director of Instruction
12 October
  • October 12, 2016

Dennis Hillman

Dennis Hillman (Director of Coaching) grew up in Rye, NY in a family with two older brothers who went on to play D-1 college golf. He began playing golf at the age of four and began competing at eight years old. During his junior career, Dennis achieved AJGA All American honors twice, along with a runner-up finish in the 1990 US Junior championship, which included a win over Tiger Woods. Dennis then went on to play at Tulsa University and achieved All-American honors as a senior, and also maintained the ranking of 3rd amateur in the country by Golfweek for several months from 1994 to 1995.

As a professional, Dennis competed on several mini tours between 1996 and 2000 before settling down with his family. He spent a few years in the financial services industry before returning to golf to become a club professional. In 2006, Dennis became a Class A PGA professional, and began focusing his energy on coaching full time, ultimately deciding to go on his own after several years as the teaching professional at Pelham CC. Before coming to the Golf Performance Center in July of 2014, Dennis had started a Golf Academy at Oxford Greens GC in Oxford, CT.

Dennis is now a TPI-certified coach with extensive knowledge of the Golfing Machine and junior golf development. He is passionate about helping golfers better understand the developmental process required to improve, and helping guide them through that challenging but rewarding process.

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Roger Knick - Founder/CEO
10 October
  • October 10, 2016

Roger Knick

Roger Knick, Sports Performance Specialist/ Entrepreneur, has spent his entire 20+ year career developing and refining his knowledge and practical application of coaching. He has applied CFMS to his PGA, TPI Level 3 Fitness, TPI Junior Level 3 and K-Motion Biomechanics, Paul Chek Biomechanics for Golf certifications to his educational background of exercise science from Elon University. His clients include aspiring high school athletes and collegiate athletes as well as PGA, LPGA, NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL players. Roger’s ability to coach many different levels is due to his diverse background in sports and the understanding that “function dictates form.” As a former division one athlete and professional athlete, he has a deep understanding of his clients’ goals, objectives and how to work with them to make it happen.

Roger has written many articles and is in the throes of writing several books, The 5 Elements of Success Principles, The Best Golfer Ever Built and A Bird’s Eye View of College Golf.

Roger is the founder and operator of The Golf Performance Center, LLC, Junior Golf Hub, LLC and Founder/Executive Director of the GPC Foundation, Inc. (Giving Young People a Chance) in Ridgefield, CT.

Originally from Danville, VA, Roger currently lives in Ridgefield with his family.

What Propelled Roger Knick in the Golf Industry:

I began down this road of performance development after being inspired by a golf coach who told me that I was not good enough to participate at the highest level of competition due to lack of skills and knowledge. Reflecting on how coaching can be better for golfers and athletes, I was inspired to create a system that would represent all the elements of success. I developed our “5 Elements of Success Principles” to encourage athletes to follow their passion and desire to improve, to find and develop good coaching/mentor relationships, to instill a physical and nutritional understanding that “function dictates form”, mental aspects of game, learning how to deal with failure, striving to have a curious and open mind to developing, and having the right equipment for the task at hand. I have applied these elements not only to golf but to life as well. I strive to create a culture of infinite learning, versus learning to be fixed.

This life lesson helped me understand a very simple principle — everyone’s journey is different, and everyone needs to learn how to run their own race. With my purpose clear I felt it was important for me develop lectures in the field of sports performance for everyone from competitive and aspiring junior athletes to active competitive adults. I have been fortunate to serve as a consultant to many players and universities on golf, basketball, hockey, and baseball performance develop.


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