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Player Development System

The PDS provides aspiring collegiate golfers a recruiting tool to quantify progress beyond scoring,

allowing athletes the opportunity to differentiate themselves from other recruits.

PDS Coaching

Why did we develop PDS?

The Player Development Score was developed to offer a more complete look at a junior golfer by assessing the player’s golf and physical development skill sets outside of competition in a fair, unbiased environment.

During the recruiting process a coach is limited to tournament scores, campus visits, and spectating events in person to determine the player’s fit for his or her program. When coaches are narrowing down their recruits, it becomes difficult to predict which player may develop into a productive member of the team. With the number of competitive junior players in the country, college coaches and players alike are in need of a resource to help find the right fit for one another. By having a quantitative score, college coaches are able to track not only the player’s progression in tournament scores, but the overall progression of the player’s athletic ability and skill set.

How can I benefit from the PDS?

The PDS provides a marker for a junior golf athlete to advance through the developmental process. This tool gives the junior golfer a platform from which to be recruited by helping college coaches see their prospects for more than just their tournament scores, and allow them to make educated decisions based on the future potential of the player. Over the past 20 years, we have found improved Player Development Scores to be a great indicator of future success in competition.

PDS Physical Testing

How is the score determined?

The PDS score is made up of 3 categories, each counting for 33% of the overall score.

Test 1:

Golf Proficiency

123 Total Shots

Test 2:

Physical Proficiency

Functional Movement Screen

and Physical Proficiencies

Test 3:

Golf Performance

Tournament Performance,

Short Game Course

PDS Head Shot

Joe Schmoe

Example PDS Report:

Golf Proficiency

22.45 out of 33
possible points

Physical Proficiency

20.63 out of 33
possible points

Golf Performance

29.73 out of 33
possible points

PDS Score: 72.81