Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson

Standing over a tee shot, licking your chops, visualizing a piercing butter cut or 5 yard draw soaring out of sight is a feeling like no other and a main reason we play this game. Hitting bombs is something many of us want to do! It’s fun! Phil Mickelson loves it. I’ve always respected the responses he gives to the media. They’re thorough and well thought out. They allow us, the phans, to feel like we’re getting into the mind of one of the greatest to ever play.  Throughout the week,  Phil made an effort to stay in the moment and not let his emotions get too high or too low. This strategy paid off and after his victory at the PGA Championship last week. Phil was vocal about the importance of using a holistic approach as his vehicle to allow him to continue to compete at a high level (and hit bombs!) at 50 years old.

Phil was not shy about his nutritional routines, referencing a 36 hour fast once a week, and his regular training program and relationship with the Titleist Performance Institute. He understands the connection between his body and its function (or should I say phunction) and how he is looking to swing the club. He has made significant changes in his physical stature over the past few years and it is certainly supporting his efforts. It was refreshing to hear Phil essentially reference all 5 Elements of Success throughout his approach to his performance these days. His desire to prove that he can compete at this age is higher than ever, he is dedicating himself to his health, physical performance and nutrition, he understands how that relates to what he wants to do with the golf club, he made adjustments to his equipment heading into Kiawah and adapted throughout the event, and lastly expressed more than ever how he has spent more time working to improve his ability to stay engaged and focused for longer periods of time with his mental approach as he has gotten older.

As we watch Phil over the next few weeks and he gears up for that elusive US Open in his backyard at Torrey Pines, I encourage all of you to reflect on the percentage of effort you are putting into each of the 5 Elements of Success in your own game. Which Element needs some love? Checking in on this periodically will ensure you are doing everything you can to perform your best this season!

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