The New View of Player Development

The Player Development Index (PDI) is the most accurate performance measure in the industry. – Notah Begay III


A Systematic Approach to Development

The Player Development system allows athletes to develop and track incremental gains in physical literacy and golf skills considered to be the lead factors to peak performance. 

The Player Development Index provides valuable information which can be utilized to create a truly robust plan for athletic development, golf skill acquisition, and ultimately tournament performance.

What is the Player Development Index(PDI)?

The Player Development Index [PDI] is designed to identify specific data points that allow an individual player to understand their golf performance skill set. Having measured thousands of junior golfers, the best Division I programs in the country, #1 Amateurs in the world, PGA, LPGA, and Korn Ferry Tour players, we’ve identified what it takes to become a great golfer! The results of the assessment will help to identify where opportunities exist to improve. The information collected allows all athletes a better understanding of where opportunities exist to improve and in turn create steeper learning progressions which will make practice sessions more efficient. It’s simply a better way to track progress throughout your entire golf journey.


MyPDI was developed to offer a more complete look at a golf athlete by assessing the player’s golf and physical skill sets outside of competition in an unbiased environment.

Our Philosophy

It all starts with the 5 Elements of Success.

Based on our belief that function dictates form, we engage with each individual to seek the best way to maximize performance through our 5 Elements Of Success – Desire, Coaching, Physical Performance and Nutrition, Mental Approach and Equipment.


Our system allows golf athletes of all ages to progress through the phases of development using objective criteria and helps coaches and players modify practice and training regimens to maximize improvement potential over time.



Holistic Self Assessment

A self-reflection of your game as a whole- including your mental strength on the course, physical performance on and off the course, and your golf game.


Coach Guided

The PDI Coach Guided Assessment is an hour-long objective assessment of a player’s physical and golf strengths and weaknesses. The data athlete’s receive from the PDI can be sent to their coaches to formulate an even more concentrated practice plan. It’s validity lies in the data collected in the following areas of your game.


Data Driven Improvement Plan

Using PDI metrics, a focused improvement plan is developed.


Virtual Practice Plans

Practice plan and prescriptions provided to you directly within MyPDI application through your certified coach.


Consistent Reassessments

Reassess frequently to track progress on the MyPDI application to achieve your goals!