We realize the path to playing college golf isn’t easy. It takes grit, determination and an incredible amount of work. For over 20 years, coaching junior golfers has been our passion. The hard work of our graduates is clear – GPC has helped 100+ athletes get to over 80 colleges and universities.

We start with one question – Why?

At the initial consultation with every junior academy member, our coaches dig deep to learn the WHY behind you being here. Do you just want to improve your game? Or do you have bigger, bolder dreams to play college or professional golf? Here’s how we can help you reach your goals.

Regardless of where you want to end up, we reverse engineer a personalized plan for every junior golfer to help him/her reach their goals. Our goal? To provide valued instruction, guidance and the necessary facilities to develop junior athletes, both physically and mentally, to successfully navigate challenges on and off the golf course.

While each golfer is different, our process is the same:

STEP 1: Consultation – A junior golfer and their parent meet with a GPC coach to review goals and tour the facility

STEP 2: Schedule your Player Development System Assessment on our quarterly testing dates. The PDS is a science-based evaluation of a player’s physical, mental and golf skills and gathers all the hard data needed to determine whether an athlete is ready to progress to the next level. The PDS takes a deep, objective look at key skill areas including putting, chipping, bunker play, shot making, mental proficiency and physical skills, and precisely identifies areas that need improvement. Hard data only, no guess work!

The PDS relies heavily on an assessment of physical proficiency and a guiding philosophy that “Function Dictates Form,” which means that how the body functions will determine the form of your golf swing. With over 20 years of experience working with some of the best athletes in the world, we have discovered the link that makes the elite be elite. Understanding this method can unlock the code to better golf form leading to peak performance.

STEP 3: GPC Coaches identify which program (listed below) is the best fit for the junior golfer.

STEP 4: The fun AND hard work begin! We will continue to evaluate all junior academy members – PDS testing is done quarterly.


5 Elements of Success

We focus on Long-Term Athletic Development using our “5 Elements of Success” to strengthen the key aspects that comprise an effective golf game:



Physical Performance and Nutrition

Mental Game


We do not believe there is one perfect swing, but that each individual has his or her unique swing based on how he or she moves.

Our “5 ELEMENTS OF SUCCESS”evaluation process, founded by our belief that ‘FUNCTION DICTATES FORM’, engages each individual and prescribes an optimum plan for improvement in order to boost performance.

Through our commitment to Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD), GPC’s Junior Academy Programs integrate golf skill acquisition, physical comprehension, mental training, on-course training, and competitive tournament scheduling to maximize their exposure to college coaches. Understanding there are no short cuts, our systems allow young athletes to develop at their own pace, yet give them guidance as to when, how, and what they will be learning based on the LTAD philosophy.


Traditional Instruction

  • A player strokes putts repeatedly from the same distance without routine
  • A player hits the ball repeatedly from the same distance with the same club
  • Practice doesn’t simulate the competitive pressures involved in play

GPC Coaching

  • Players are coached to practice in situations that are more similar to how to play the game
  • Every rep is accountable, coaching the player to be aware and present for each rep, not just hitting balls
  • Practice is fun with peer interaction for feedback as well as competitive games in practice
  • GPC coaching translates to on course performance


Based on the PDS, our proprietary tiered Hat System determines placement of the athlete in the proper skill-level program
to maximize their Long-Term Athletic Development.


Ages 7-10


Focused on developing the foundation of fundamental movement skills and the GPC Primary Fundamentals in a fun, engaging environment!


Ages 11-14


For young golf athletes who show a passion for golf and the capacity to learn and grow.


Ages 14-18


For the developing Junior golfer who aspires to play competitive junior golf and beyond. This program focuses on golf and physical proficiencies.

ELITE Golfer

Ages 16-19


For the student athlete who desires to play at the highest levels competitively in college and beyond.



The Gap Year program is designed for the student athlete looking to improve his or her golf specific skills, while maturing physically and mentally while developing on and off the course.

COLLEGIATE academy golfer



For the college athlete looking to maintain golf skills and physical performance.

Inspiration from our Founder

Of course we look up to the greats like Tiger Woods (+list golfers), but books, movies, podcasts and TED talks also inspire us every day. GPC’s founder and CEO, Roger Knick, consistently pushes junior golfers, parents and their coaches to keep educating themselves to gain a broad view of the world, beyond the game of golf. Take one look at his top 10 favorite books for some insight into what drives him and therefore the entire Golf Performance Center community.

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