Now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Junior Golf Academy Year!

Do you love Golf? Do you want to improve your game? Work with our Coaches in our Full-Year Golf Academy to achieve your athletic and academic goals!

No matter what your skill level or age, our Academy has a program for you!

Our Goal is to help student-athletes prepare for peak performance. Improving at this game isn’t easy. We believe a small group environment allows for athletes to learn from each other, compete, and have fun all at the same time.

GPC Training is unlike any other golf instruction. Here’s how we are different:

GPC athletes are coached to practice in situations that are realistic

Every rep is accountable, we coach each athlete to be aware and present for each rep, rather than just mindlessly hitting balls or putting

Peer interaction makes practicing with a purpose FUN!

Peer interaction makes practicing with a purpose FUN!

Our Athletes can compete with and learn from one another on a daily

Our Philosophy

There is no such thing as a perfect swing.

We believe that “Function Dictates Form” and each athlete has his or her unique swing based on how the body moves. Through our 5 Elements of Success Evaluation, our coaches can precisely prescribe the best plan for each Junior Golfer’s process to improvement. Understanding that there are no short cuts, our training system allows for young athletes to develop at their own pace, yet provide guidance as to when, how and what they will be learning.


We invite you to schedule a tour of our Facility to meet our coaches, learn about all we have to offer and see how your junior golfer can work to accomplish their greatness with us!