Q&A with EAP Alum, Connor Hicks

We recently caught up with EAP Alum, Connor Hicks. Connor is now a Freshman at @fandmcollege. 📚⛳️

Check out how Connor is dealing with quarantine and adjusting to life as a College Athlete!

Connor Hicks - EAP Alum

Q: What was your favorite part about life at EAP?

A: My favorite part about EAP was the ability to do your schoolwork whenever. It allowed me the ability to put golf first to practice and play.


Q: How did EAP prepare you for life as a College Athlete?

A: The most important thing EAP did for me to prepare for life as a college athlete was time management. Getting my schoolwork done was my most important priority because that would allow me the time to have more practice time. I took this mindset to school putting my schoolwork first. I had created a nice balance between school, golf, and social time and the building blocks of this system was founded at EAP.


Q: Now that you’re home and school is online, do you feel like EAP helped you prepare for this / it’s an easier transition?

A: Now that my school is online, I feel like everything at I did at EAP is helping me adapt to the new times. While the way I am being taught is much different than K-12, I was better prepared for the transition to online classes.


Q: How are your teammates adjusting to this online schooling?

A: My teammates and I are helping each other out through our transition. Most of us are in the same classes or are in different sections of the same topic, so when one of us is struggling we are there for each other.


Q: What do you miss most about College?

A: What I miss most about college is always being busy. Very rarely I was I sitting around in school. I was either at the course, working, or hanging with friends. I miss constantly doing something and now I feel like I should be doing more because I have so much time on my hands.


Q: Favorite quarantine meal?

A: My favorite quarantine meal is probably just some pasta and sausage. Pretty easy to make.


Q: Best at-home putting drill?

A: My go to putting drill is the towel drill. I put a towel under my arms to make sure that I don’t lift my arms. I take 100 putts with it and 100 without. Pretty simple drill but I find it very effective fo