Why K12



Work at your own pace.

Recognized as the gold standard in K–12 online education, the award-winning K12 curriculum is created by some of the finest minds in education, including teachers, reading specialists, biologists, mathematicians, and artists. Working with exceptional designers and writers, these experts make learning come alive by combining decades of research from cognitive scientists about how the brain learns with rich, interactive content.

This patented methodology for online learning incorporates state-of-the-art multimedia—everything from engaging audio and video, colorful illustrations and animations, and insightful charts and graphs to dynamic activities, games, and demonstrations.

The K12 curriculum team designs and develops each course for online delivery from the outset, thoroughly scoping out the learning objectives for each course and mapping out a strategy for how best to accomplish them. This is unlike many other online curriculum providers who just scan a textbook and call it an online course.

Next, the curriculum team carefully crafts each course word by word, screen by screen, and lesson by lesson. To address the widest variety of learning styles, plenty of offline resources are integrated with the online lessons—including textbooks, CDs, videos, and hands-on materials like science equipment and art supplies.

Finally, our K12 specialists conduct extensive usability testing to make sure students and parents alike can easily navigate through the lessons and master the learning objectives. Online assessments are built right into the curriculum, with all course content designed to either meet or exceed U.S. national standards. And since the program is mastery-based, students will not move on until they have demonstrated a full understanding of the material.