Pitching Wedge-Match

The Pitching Wedge-Match The Iron
Set Or Specialty Wedge?

A question we get frequently here at GPC Custom Clubs is “Should I use the pitching wedge that is part of my iron set or should I use a pw that matches my other wedges?” There is no right or wrong to this question as you will see many players at the highest level who do both. However, there are some differences that need to be looked at when making this decision.  Usually, the iron sets are not blades, therefore they have some perimeter weighting, cavity back design which adds forgiveness and reduces spin.  Versus a specialty wedge, like a Vokey or MG2 wedge which has a blade design, which provides far less forgiveness and a lot more spin.  The trade-off is the specialty wedge provides a bit more versatility around the green but tends to not carry as far due to the lower launch, low MOI and higher spin rate.  Most times, the loft of the specialty wedge is closer to the 9 iron than the pw that is part of the iron set just for this reason.  If you use your pw as a full swing club similar to the other irons in the set, then I would suggest keeping the pw that came with the set of irons. However, if you like to use the pw around the greens for chipping and pitching and don’t hit many full shots with it, I would suggest going with a specialty pw.  Just like in everything else in golf, it is really a case by case basis.  If you are still unsure, you probably need to go out and experiment with a specialty pw and the stock pw and see if one gives you a better chance at scoring!

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