The Engine of the Club by Frank Abitino

The Engine of the Club

One part of the golf club that is overlooked is the shaft. It’s the engine of the club and if we don’t have the one that fits us, then the club will not perform the way we need it to. There are so many shaft companies, from Fujikura to Mitsubishi that makes the Diamana that Tiger Woods has been playing for the past 10 years. With great advances with weighting and flexes, we can create a club that will be faster and more precise. Unfortunately, we still need to swing the club and it will always to some part be the carpenters and not the tools. As you walk by the Custom Clubs bay, you can clearly see that we have a wall of shafts that will get us distance and accuracy. So please schedule an appointment and let us help you to see if you have the right engine. If you do that is great, we also would love product testers and love feedback on performance of theses shaft.

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