TaylorMade SIM Driver

TaylorMade SIM Driver

TaylorMade has come out with a driver today in the pursuit of “have your cake and eating it too” performance. Golf technology is becoming a race of maximizing performance down to literally three feet. On tour, your average player will increase speed in the “moment of truth” from 90 mph to 120 mph. Quite the jump, and frankly—I’m surprised it’s taken this long to bring that part into the bigger conversation.

With the launch of the new 2020 TaylorMade SIM drivers, the Carlsbad golf equipment machine has done just that. With the help of keeping some familiar technology and introducing some new very noticeable design features, the new 2020 TaylorMade SIM driver is fast, forgiving, playable, and it all comes in a tight, sophisticated package.

We have recently received our fitting tools so make an appointment or pop into the bay and lets try to increase your distance and speed.

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