TaylorMade Continues Innovating

TaylorMade Continues Innovating

TaylorMade, a titan in the golf club manufacturing world has unleashed some newer features in this year’s product line of metal woods.

Taylor Made has been a mainstay when it comes to metal woods, boasting one of the more impressive line up of tour pros using their products, from Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and John Rahm just to name a few. Their new line up of woods, the SIM series features a brand-new head design. They believe this new design provides all players with two universally desired attributes, forgiveness and speed. After investing heavily in aerodynamics research Taylor Made engineers describe their new design as follows, “a raised crown and sole is featured to reduce drag and improve airflow throughout the swing. While raising the crown and sole improves aerodynamics, it typically comes with a tradeoff in the form of higher center of gravity (CG) projection.

TaylorMade says the SIM family of drivers counteract that with the “Inertia Generator” positioned low and back with a heavy steel weight at the rear of the club. This design element moves the CG projection very low, optimizing launch conditions and increasing the Moment of Inertia (MOI). This in turn provides additional forgiveness for the golfer.”
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