Lie Angle 101

Lie Angle 101

If you are like us here at The Golf Performance Center, we are loving watching the Ryder Cup and the precision of golf shots that they display!  They also hit some not so crispy ones, but they are ranked best in the world for a reason.  They perform under pressure, better than anyone else on the planet.

One thing that they also have, that is available to you as well, is dialed in golf equipment!  Let’s talk about lie angles.  The picture above will show you more.  Think of when you set up to a golf ball.  The toe is slightly up in the air.  At impact, your goal is to expose the most sweet spot that you can, so the toe and heel should be “flush” to the ground and produce the best impact position possible.  I would say that 75% of people that come to Custom Clubs need some sort of lie angle adjustment.  It can also drastically change a ball flight if needed.  Lastly, if nothing else it is educational to all golfers that come through our doors as we spend time explaining this.

You should check your irons at minimum once a year if you expect them to perform.  The right tools make the job that much easier!

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