Golf Ball Fittings Make a Great Gift by Frank

Golf Ball Fittings Make a Great

Whether you are a high-handicap amateur or a top-10 player in the world, playing a properly fit ball can greatly enhance your ability to score. I think you’ll agree that the game is a lot more fun when you’re repeatedly writing low numbers down on your scorecard.

Thanks to the Titleist golf ball fitting page, golf ball selector tool, and free fitting events worldwide, they are constantly doing everything in their power to arm golfers with the proper resources to play the best ball possible. That being said, we also know some golfers aren’t easily able to attend fittings and/or have limited course accessibility. Here are a few things I consider when determining the proper ball for a golfer:

  • Narrow down potential ball options by considering the skill level, shot selection, spin characteristics and specific weaknesses within a player’s game.
  • Monitor simple chips shots (feel, spin, release), pitch and bunker shots (trajectory, spin, and release), iron shots (trajectory, feel, control, spin, and distance) and woods (overall flight, spin, distance) as these will help determine required ball characteristics.
  • Ideally, I like to test on-course to determine the proper ball as a player’s performance can change considerably from the range to the course. I’ve seen players experience up to a 10% gain in distance on course in comparison to the range.

So with the winter months ahead, use the proper resources and schedule a time with the Custom Clubs team and make sure you’re playing the ball that is right for you!

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