Fake Clubs?

Fake Clubs?

For anyone that has looked into purchasing golf clubs over the last 18 months, instead of being so much fun, it could have been a headache.  There have been so many supply issues, component shortages, and raw materials price increases. 

This has motivated counterfitters to flourish amongst angry golfers who can’t get equipment quickly enough to satisfy them.  Let’s face it, nobody wants to wait for anything these days.  What you may not realize is that these fakes are really good and hard to distinguish from the real product.  On June 2, 2021 three raids done by the Shanghai police uncovered almost 10,000 pieces of clubs and components as well as 10,600 trademark labels.  The trademark labels generally authenticate the product.  Just last year in the same place, the largest golf counterfeit raid of all time took place which was 120,000 pieces! 

The above picture has two fake Scotty Camerons, provided by keepgolfreal.com.  If you care to read more on distinguishing characteristics, you can also check out their website.  The bottom line is you should not purchase golf clubs online via Ebay or Amazon.  Fake clubs do not perform nearly as well as the real deal.  If you do, you are taking a risk!  Utilize a knowledgeable PGA Professional who you know has a good partnership with the club companies. 

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