All full swing Fitting Experiences utilize an unmatched combination of industry best technology, including GEARS 3D Motion Capture System, TrackMan radar-based club and ball tracking technology and Foresight GC Quad camera-based launch monitor. This technology, paired with our Class A PGA expert clubfitters and our extensive selection of premium brands, enable us to provide a completely unique and unrivaled experience that you will not find anywhere else.



In addition to the technology utilized in our Full Swing Experience, the Wedge Experience is conducted outdoors on our short course – GPC National. This green grass environment is ideal for wedge fitting with eleven different greens that provide an array of real world situations that you will be faced with on any course. We carry all major wedge brands, and use premium golf balls to ensure we are getting the most accurate representation of the real world environment.




The Putter Fitting Experience is done in our state-of-the-art putting studio, where we utilize the Edel Putter Fitting System, as well as SAM Putt Lab and TrackMan Putting, in addition we carry all major brands of putters. We will find the best combination of head shape, weight, sight lines, length, lie and loft to maximize your individual putting technique.



Equipment Categories Available: Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedge, Putter

  • Single Category Fitting Experience – 2 hours in length – $350
  • Duel Category Fitting Experience – 3 hours in length – $500
  • Full Bag Fitting Experience – 4 hours experience – $750
  • Golf Ball Fitting Experience – 1 hour experience



At GPC, we take equipment seriously, that is why it is one of our Five Elements of Success. This is an all encompassing, total game experience, inspired by the process that major manufacturers utilize to fit their PGA Tour Players. We are bringing this one of a kind fitting experience normally reserved for the best players in the world to GPC. The day includes complimentary breakfast, lunch, a performance gift pack, and an on course verification process to fine tune your new equipment for real world situations.  The full day tour fitting experience is only available Saturdays and Sundays.



9AM – Player Profile

A comprehensive interview process designed to pinpoint the players equipment needs and wants and current strengths and weaknesses of each facet of their game.


9:30AM – Equipment DNA Test & Warm Up

While the player warms up, the fitter performs a DNA Test of the player’s current equipment to document his/her current specs. This test may expose potential issues within the current set make up. This warm-up session will also serve as a TrackMan baseline for the fitting experience.


10AM – GEARS 3D Motion Capture

We utilize our state-of-the-art GEARS 3D System to measure your current clubs, specifically how the shaft is loading and unloading at three key moments in the swing:

    1. Maximum bend in transition
    2. Shaft parallel to ground in downswing
    3. Impact


11AM – Long Game Fitting

Our Class A PGA clubfitters guide the player through the current wood, hybrid and iron lines from all major manufacturers, to determine the best combination of head, shaft, grip, length, lie, loft and set make-up.


1:30PM – Lunch


2:15PM – Putter Fitting

Our expert clubfitters guide the player through the current equipment lines from all major manufacturers, to determine the best combination of head, shaft, grip, length, lie, loft and set make-up.


3:15PM – Wedge Fitting

Yardage gapping your wedges by making sure that your lofts are gapped correctly between wedges.  Also determine the set make-up of your wedge set.  Then hitting a variety of different shots around the green and from the bunker to determine which bounce and grind combination is best for your game.


4:30PM – Green Grass Verification

Once we have solidified our choices, we head out to the course for our green grass verification process. Here, we can see if any fine tuning is needed for real world situations.


5:30PM – Closing Presentation & Performance Pack

After all clubs and specs have been confirmed, we will walk you through the summary of the day, answer questions and confirm any orders that may need to be placed.


Results Summary Packet

  • Current Equipment DNA Test Results
  • Gears Before & After Summary
  • TrackMan Before & After Summary
  • Summary of new equipment and custom specifications