Peak Performance

Peak Performance

What does it take to achieve peak performance in golf?  It takes building many habits over long periods of time.  Think about all of the habits that you know are good for your game that you have not been able to develop.  Why is that?  Well, we have lives and demands outside of golf. So how can we change habits to affect change over the long term?

A great way to start is to write down the habits that you want to develop and come up with a plan to create them.  The habits can range from drinking an adequate amount of water each day to proper sleep habits and, of course, the discipline to do your corrective exercises every day.  Most golfers chase the one thing that will make all the difference but that only leads to mis-management of expectations and disappointment.  Steady progress towards your goals is the result of marginal gains in many different areas, each of which fall under the 5 Elements of Success.  These marginal gains only come when habits are created through intention and discipline.

Champions demonstrate tremendous commitment and sacrifice for the chance at even the most incremental improvement.  So take the time to write down your goals and all the marginal gains that could possibly help with achieving those goals.  Then write down the key habits that will lead to achieving those marginal gains.  You just might find that this exercise is much more powerful than you ever imagined.

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