Missile Lock

I am sure most of you have heard the term ‘Missile Lock’ when it comes to fighter jets targeting enemy aircraft so let’s relate it to the process of executing a golf shot.  Legendary golf coach from Texas, Harvey Penick, was known for coaching his players to ‘Take Dead Aim.’  This has been misinterpreted to mean play aggressively and fire at the pin, but that is not what he meant.  He simply was reinforcing the importance of having a clearly defined target and maintaining a clear focus on it throughout the execution of the shot, whether it is the flag or the middle of the green.  

There are two basic steps for a fighter jet to engage in missile lock.  The first step is to switch the radar to scan mode in which the aircraft scans the airspace for any targets, and the second is to switch the radar to tracking mode once a target has been identified.  Ideally, this is the same process we use in executing a golf shot.  We take in information and scan what’s in front of us for the proper target based on risk/reward.  Secondly, we must keep our focus locked in on the target to allow our subconscious to control the movement of the body.  If the mind stays focused on the intention, the body will know what to do.

If you are playing golf, pay attention to how you are doing when it comes to these two steps by asking yourself two simple questions after every shot:

Did I have a specific intention to a specific target?

Did I keep my focus on the target throughout the swing?

Answering yes to both of these questions does not guarantee a good result, but you will start to make better connections between your swing and the result of the shot.  In time, this will pay off!

Practice Smart!

Dennis Hillman

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