Winter is upon us, the offseason has begun!

We are full steam ahead in the offseason and for a lot of you it is time to get re focused on your Performance in the gym! 

The GPC Program is aimed at increasing strength by overloading your system with different methods such as Isometric holds, eccentric loading (lowering weights slowly) and explosive training. In this initial phase we are in is preparing your body for what is to come as we enter January! 

We have strategically implemented these exercise strategies to not only to increase strength gains quicker, but have them have a lasting effect. This also comes with your dedication to showing up as well as locking in your nutrition, in the coming weeks, I will talk more on what is different about offseason nutrition! 

The offseason is an amazing time of year, if used properly and efficiently. All you have to do is show up to the workouts on the weekend for the GPC Strength program and show up to the small group coaching sessions to check in with your coach to make sure you are on schedule with your corrective exercise plan! We have you covered! All of this is obviously aimed at helping your body change over the next few months not only in strength and size but also in quality of movement, so all those swing changes make it much easier to incorporate during your golf practice. After all this is why you are all here! 

So what are you going to stick to this offseason?! Will you dedicate yourself and add strength, power and improved movement capabilities to not only hit the ball further but shoot lower scores next season?! 

So take the next week or so and have a really solid game plan between you and your coach to attack this offseason and come out a better golfer next spring! 

I want again wish everyone a Happy Holiday and enjoy the time with Family and Friends! 

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