Why Assess?

As we start to get closer and closer to the offseason, it is time to reassess your movement patterns. This will help your coach come up with an unstoppable plan to get you stronger, by mobilizing and stabilizing joints through the proper muscle actions. But if you don’t work often with your coach, or you haven’t gone through the proper amount of assessments throughout the year, you have no idea what to work on! If this is true, it is time to get reevaluated! 
Why is it so important though? It tells you and your coach what areas of the body are limited. This will lead to your body coming up with a movement strategy to find a way around the limitation. For example if a golfer has limitations in internal hip rotation on their right side, that golfer might sway off the ball, lose posture and reverse spine and that is just in the backswing. This makes it very difficult to get the club back to the ball to make a good swing on it and get the ball to go where you actually wanted it to. That golfer will probably use his or her lower back to move the club instead of muscles. 
The proper way to do this is, get assessed, learn what is limited and why you might be doing what you are doing in the swing. Get assigned corrective exercises that you can do before a golf session to 1. Improve the range of motion and 2. Get more aligned with joints stacking on top of each other. Then as time goes by, you get better at your corrective exercises and do your slow motion swings over the winter, the movement you have been after for so long in your golf swing starts to become more natural! You start to play more consistent golf and your body feels better! 
So it’s that time of year to lock in your offseason plan starting with a reevaluation to assess what is happening in your body that could be affecting your swing.