Everyone at GPC gets a specific set of corrective exercises based on how they are moving when they are screened. In the screen the coach will see what the athlete is limited in range of motion as well as how their posture looks. We also find out all old injuries, and if the athlete is currently in pain. Our main goal is to get the joints moving the way they should so the athlete is able to access this range of motion in the golf swing and in everyday life! 

The first thing we work on is creating a “stack” and get the ribcage over the pelvis. This alone will allow the body to access a new range of motions! We always start close to the ground since we relearn movement close to the ground first then challenge it as we get to the standing position to engrain the new movement pattern. Once we get the body in a stacked position, then we take joints through a range of motion. If you have worked with us in one on one or in a small group, we are always asking you to take calm breaths throughout the whole exercise. Have you ever gotten to a certain range of motion and wanted to hold your breath and not go any further? This is your nervous system freaking out saying there’s a lion there and I would like to run away from it, where there isn’t really a lion there nor is the body in any danger at all during this controlled exercise. When you breathe at the end range of motion that you have, you calm your nervous system down so your body can ultimately use this new range of motion you are gaining during the exercise. Performing this while maintaining the stack is the key to making lasting changes in your body to then make lasting changes in your golf swing! 

So, next time you are doing your correctives ask yourself 2 questions, am I creating and maintaining a stack?  And am I taking full deep breaths when I reach my maximum range of motion during the exercise I am working on? 

If you can say yes to both of these you are well on your way to making changes! If you have questions though, make sure you come see us in the Performance Zone! Small Group Coaching takes place on Tuesday Mornings at 9am and Wednesday Evenings at 7pm! 

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