No it has nothing to do with basil the spice but it does have everything to do with how many calories your body needs just to function properly. The Basal Metabolic Rate is how many calories you need if you didn’t move during the day. Your age, height and current bodyweight are put into a calculator and out comes the number of calories you need to survive. Your body is constantly burning calories through everyday functions like breathing, heart beat and keeping all organs working optimally as well as many other things. 

Now this isn’t the amount of calories you should eat per day, you have to take into account your activity level. Again this is done through a calculator. So on the days you are more active, like playing a round of golf, you will need more calories for optimal performance. 

That’s why I hate the saying after someone goes and eats food after their workout, “well there goes all the calories I just burnt during my workout, what a waste!” You were more active after the workout for the day so you automatically need more calories that day than a day where you didn’t workout. Not only is that true, but all calories and nutrients eaten after your workout will instantly hit the body and be used for any recovery and repair of your muscles. So next time you workout go have that post workout shake or your post workout meal and be at peace knowing it will all go towards helping your body achieve your goals. 

I hope that sheds a light on how many calories you need throughout your day for optimal function and performance. If you need any help finding your optimal amount of calories you need, let us know in the Performance Zone and we can get you started on a good plan!

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