What are your performance goals for 2023?

As the new year approaches quickly, I always like to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the following year. 

This week I like to write out some goals for myself in all aspects of my life including in the gym! I also like to have check marks along the way to know that I am always working towards that goal! 

In the performance/fitness world people tend to have outlandish goals that for most are unattainable and most just give up by the time January is over! 

My advice is to set an attainable goal for yourself in the gym and have check marks either each day, each week or each month that you can hit to ultimately achieve your end goal! 

For example I want to add 25 pounds to my bench press by March 1st. My check mark is that my daily nutrition has to be spot on, my check mark weekly is to not miss any workouts and make sure I’m progressing each workout and lastly my monthly check mark is to check into my motivation and make sure it’s still high and after the end goal! 

I hope this helps you in coming up with a goal for yourself in the gym! If you have questions on coming up with an attainable goal come find us in the Performance Zone, we are always there for help! 

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