Tiger’s Back on the Prowl

I’m sure many of you opened up the Master’s APP Thursday morning at 11:04 am to watch Tiger Woods tee off at the Master’s, a little over a year after his serious injuries he sustained in his car crash. It was thought at a certain point that he would never play golf again and to see him back on the course Thursday was a sight to see! On top of that, Tiger fired an amazing one under 71, and has put himself in a great spot for contention for the weekend! 
It always amazes me when an athlete comes back so quickly from serious injuries like Tiger sustained. I wanted to break down how serious his injuries were. He had a broken fibula and tibia (bones of the lower leg) with these bones protruding. This required immediate surgery to be repaired with metal rods to stabilize the injuries. He also had injuries to the foot and ankle stabilized by screws and pins. With this invasive surgery he had to relearn how to walk with all that new hardware in body. His physical therapy was then geared towards getting the muscles to fire as close to normal as possible. This has altered his gait mechanics (the way he walks) which inherently altered his golf swing mechanics as well. I’m sure you noticed his upper body looked bigger and stronger on Thursday as well. I have a feeling that was strategic to counter his lower body weaknesses from the injuries. Through a tough road to recovery, a grueling bout of physical therapy and mental toughness, Tiger put in the work and got himself back to competition level again! 
The human body is so resilient and with the right plan this story proves that anyone can come back from anything that life throws at you! I don’t know about you, but I will be glued to Tigers rounds as he goes into the weekend! I hope Tigers story of resilience inspires you to be your best self each and every day while knowing you can accomplish anything you set your mind to! 
Enjoy watching the Master’s this weekend!