The Official Start to the Golf Season!

Hello Friends, (Jim Nantz Voice) 

It is once again Master’s Weekend, the greatest weekend in all of sports! As I was watching on Thursday I was in awe, as I am every year of the grounds, the colors and each hole’s beauty. 

So many storylines are out this week; from all the LIV players able to play and how they would do against the PGA Tour players…to everyone’s eye on Tiger wondering if this will be his last Master’s. And will Rory complete the Grand slam with him having the best odds coming into the week?

Of course I am always looking at how everyone is moving out there physically. As much as it pains me to watch Tiger just take a step from a biomechanical standpoint, he uses all of his athleticism out there! This was shown on his awkward lie shot with one foot out of the bunker and one foot in the bunker. As Tiger does he goes for the hardest shot he can drum up. If it was me or you, we probably would have just taken a good stance, knocked it down and punched it 100 yards up the fairway. Instead Tiger takes a crazy stance and a full swing and his athleticism helps him stick his finish on his left leg, as we saw him hopping around in the bunker to finish the shot. This was his only option as his body deemed that his right leg may have been in danger and landed all the way on the left. We all know Tiger is a great athlete but it still amazes me how that still comes out with all of the hardware he has in his body. This about this next time you are in the gym doing some balance work or core work. It’s all for these awkward lies you may face out on the course! 

This may be a hot take, but it is good to see Brooks Koepka back out there playing well and healthy. He’s dealt with a knee injury for the last 2 years and seems to be back and in contention to win this week and all other majors this year! 

Should be a fun Master’s weekend with a star studded leaderboard! I know I’ll be glued to the tv to see how the weather affects them on Saturday and who brings it home on Sunday!

Enjoy the Master’s! 

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