The Key to Golf Workouts and Nutrition

Thankfully, the debate around golfers being athletes has been settled and now everyone is looking for the best golf workout plan. If players are aiming to not only improve but also maintain a sustainable golf game, golf strength and conditioning is a must. Golf nutrition also plays a large role in a golfer’s success and longevity in the game.
Tiger Woods was one of the first PGA Tour players to really shine a light on the importance of physical fitness and was a catalyst in reshaping how the modern tour pro plays and looks; now, just about every professional golfer – both male and female – and amateurs of all ages have incorporated golf strength training into their regimen.
When you wonder which muscles are most used in golf, you may be surprised to hear that all major muscle groups need to be strengthened and stretched for you to hit your optimal performance. Building golf workout programs around your core and legs will cover most of these muscle groups, though full-body workouts will ensure your upper body is included as well.
Talking about physical performance almost always leads into golf nutrition plans. How you fuel your body to perform at its best is crucial to achieving your goals. The experts at The Golf Performance Center will not only evaluate where you are both physically and nutritionally, but they’ll also help you develop a golf fitness program and nutrition plan to help you reach those goals.

Why Do I Need Golf Workouts?

Golf workouts have plenty of benefits both on and off the golf course. From a golf perspective, improving your mobility and strength will increase your endurance and distance. 
The general benefits help your golf game, too – workouts provide an enhanced focus while also boosting endorphins (and your mood). By working out regularly, you can also have a more restful sleep and a more active immune system, both of which allow you to play better golf more often.
Let’s dive into some golf scenarios that will open your eyes to the importance of a golf workout routine. Don’t worry if you relate to some of these examples because that means the GPC can help you overcome them.
Have you ever lost steam on the last few holes of your round? You started strong but your finish wasn’t what you were hoping for? Building up your stamina to endure 18 holes both physically and mentally and eating the correct food will allow you to keep your golf swing in top form. Exhaustion doesn’t have to cost you strokes.
Do you feel aches and pains after a round that prevent you from hopping up the next day to play again? Golf fitness is about more than just strengthening before you tee it up – it’s also about gaining mobility and recovering quickly. Anti-inflammatory foods can also complement these recovery-based workouts and stretches. Following these routines will help prevent injuries and keep you playing whenever you please.
Lastly, have you been working hard improving your golf swing but still feel like you’re leaving some distance out on the golf course? Strengthening your core and increasing your flexibility, as well as properly fueling your workouts and golf rounds, will help you hit that next level.

Golf Workout FAQs

Hopefully you’re beginning to see the value a golf strength and conditioning program can bring to your golf game if you hadn’t already. Getting started doesn’t have to be scary, and our trainers at the GPC are with you every step of the way. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get:

What are some of the best golf strength exercises?

While there are golf strength exercises that are common for everyone – like planks and lunges – each player is different and having personalized golfer workouts are the best option if available. There are tons of variations of each exercise, and how your assessment goes will tell our trainers where your weaknesses are.
It’s really important to work with a professional when you are looking to extend your playing career or play in college or professionally. Say you have fantastic hip mobility but are looking at golf workouts at home and don’t realize you’re set in that area – doing more hip mobility exercises and other normally great exercises could actually hinder your golf performance and may even lead to injury. Working with a trainer ensures you’re looking at your workouts from every angle.

Why do I need to do golf core workouts?

Golf core workouts are at the core of your golf performance, no pun intended. By having a strong core, not only will you be able to swing more efficiently and quickly, but you will also help protect your back from injury. Working out your abs is also an effective way to increase your club head speed.

Why do I need to do golf leg workouts?

Golf leg workouts are crucial to your power on the golf course. When you start your downswing, your hips and legs are leading the way and driving your arms through impact. The more powerful the movement, the more distance and accuracy on the golf course. Plus, having strong leg muscles allow you to stay energized after walking 18 or 36 holes.

Do women’s golf workouts differ from men’s?

While most of the basics are the same, most women’s golf workouts focus on the core and legs while also maintaining the upper body through scapula strengthening and other mobility exercises. That’s not to say women are discouraged from using weights – it’s quite the opposite. However, you’ll normally find women building up their leg strength before their arms in their training programs.

Where Does Golf Nutrition Come Into Play?

Golf nutrition is essential to building strength and maintaining energy levels. Sporting a healthy lifestyle comes down to making simple choices throughout the day. Do you think a candy bar or a bag of almonds will give you more energy throughout your golf round? Soda or water? 
There’s no need to overhaul your diet in the name of golf. However, making these small choices each day will lead to more progress and happier moods on and off the golf course. Plus, who doesn’t love snacks, especially when you can feel good about them being healthy snacks?
When figuring out which types of food to bring onto the golf course, think about complex carbohydrates that will keep your energy levels even-keeled, compared to sugary foods that will give you a spike in energy and then having you crashing two holes later. Consistency is the name of the game.
Hydration is also part of a proper nutrition plan on the golf course, so maintaining healthy water intake and adding electrolytes on a hot day will do your body a world of good compared to drinking something dehydrating like alcohol, sugary like soda or simply not drinking anything at all. Staying hydrated is also crucial to keeping a clear mind on the golf course, which will provide you with greater focus and confidence in your decision-making.

Find Your Golf Trainer at The Golf Performance Center

If you’re ready to step up your golf game or simply don’t know where to start, our staff at The Golf Performance Center will take the time to understand your goals, evaluate your physical fitness and provide a plan with tangible steps to improve not only your physical performance and your nutrition, but also your golf swing, golf equipment, mental game and desire.
Our Player Development Index, measured by the 5 Elements of Success, ensures you are spending your energy where it matters so you can enjoy our favorite game at your desired level. Building body strength through golf workouts and providing personalized nutrition plans are just some of the many ways the GPC supports your golf goals.