The Importance of Coaching

A few weeks back, I talked about recommitting to your goals! I have taken this time to really think about what comes after the recommitment? I kept coming back to getting the right coaching and the right plan! 

This has led me to really take a look at the difference between being coached and working out on your own. It really does make a big difference in how effective your workout is in relation to making a lasting change and getting one step closer to your goals! 

Now I am not saying have your coach by your side at every moment you’re in the gym, on the tee line or on the course, but what I am saying is make sure you have every cue, every position you need to be in and really tune into what you are feeling during each exercise so you can recreate the same feeling and effectiveness on your own. If you don’t have that by the time you’re about to leave your session make sure you get it from your coach before you walk out the door! Ask questions, ask why am I doing this, and always ask how this helps me in my golf game! Again that is why you are here in the first place! 

This is how you progress and ultimately get closer to your goals in the gym and in golf! If you are trying to do it on your own it will take much longer or you won’t reach it at all, which feels like a very frustrating way to do something! Making movement changes and getting good at golf is hard enough. Why make it harder by being frustrated? 

On that note I invite you to commit to at least one small group coaching session per month, not only to help hold yourself accountable to your goals, but to check in with your coach to see how you are doing on your own with your corrective exercise plan! 

If you need any help we are always available for anything you need in the Performance Zone!