The Difference Between Static and Dynamic Stretching

Static stretching is lengthening a muscle and holding it in that position or stretch to improve flexibility.  Dynamic stretching is when the muscles become lengthened through an active movement to prepare the body for exercise.  
Knowing the difference between the two as well as when and how to utilize them is of utmost importance when improving performance.  Dynamic warm ups or stretching is vital before working out, playing sports or exerting the body.  The body and muscles must be warm before placing them under stress where they will be stretched.  Warming up with myofascial release and dynamic stretching lubricates muscles and promotes blood flow to the activation sites of muscular contraction. If this is skipped or not properly done before exerting the body, injury and decreased performance is most likely to occur.  
Static stretching on the other hand, is never done before the body is properly warmed up and rarely done at all to improve performance.  Static stretching is done to improve flexibility or range of motion. 
As ballistic as the golf swing is, dynamic warm ups should be done before even picking up a club! Ensuring your body is prepared to be placed under the stress of golf, not only improves the overall performance of your swing, but allows you to prevent injury and play seamlessly through all 18 holes!:)

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