The 5 P's

The 5 P’s

Lecture #10,237

Preparation is key to have success in any endeavor you take on. Whether it’s cooking a meal, playing in a golf tournament, buying a car, or working out, it is necessary to have all the tools in the right place if you want to be successful. I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Five P’s” at some point before reading this article, but in case you haven’t, keep reading!

Growing up, my family consistently joked about all of the “life lessons” and “lectures” my Dad would give to me and my sister. We all hear it at one point or another; “Clean your room!”, “Don’t leave your bag in the middle of the hall!”, or “Turn those lights off or you’ll start paying the electric bill!” Needless to say, I thank him now as I can only imagine how frustrating I must have been at times as an independent adolescent who knew everything about everything! His lectures and the frequency and consistency of which he preached them all stuck with me to some extent (whether it seemed like it at the time or not), however a few in particular really hit home.

Lecture #10,237 outlined the “Five P’s”. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  It’s simple! If you do not put the effort in before you do something, it will show when it’s “go time.”

Whether you are preparing for competition either in a workout or a golf tournament, the process needs to begin sooner than you would think. You should begin making sure your fluid levels are high and you are properly hydrated a few days before the event. Once you are thirsty, it’s too late, you’re dehydrated! In addition, eating foods that digest more slowly and release insulin over a longer period of time will help avoid spikes in energy levels during competition resulting in a more consistent level of performance.

Nutrition is a critical component to success in any sport, and your process of preparing for a golf tournament should be consistent and well thought out. A practice round is exactly that; practice! Take advantage of seeing the course, taking notes, and mapping green complexes. Simply making sure you have enough golf balls, rain gear, back up shoe laces, extra spikes, and a battery for your range finder are just a few more things that can make a huge difference when you’re in the middle of your round and something goes wrong. Taking these steps and “thinking a play ahead” will give you the peace of mind to be able to focus solely on the challenge in front of you. Control the things that you can control, and preparing ahead of time for what you will need to succeed at what you’re going to be doing; your performance in that task is bound to reflect that effort. Ok, now I’ve officially passed it on; lecture #10,237 is one I hope leads you to much success!

See you in the Zone!


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