Take A Walk

Take a Walk!

PGA Tour players walk on average 6 to 8 miles throughout each day they’re at an event, from the time they step out of the car to the time they get back in to head home after their day is done, it is fascinating to think how much ground these athletes cover. Humans are meant to move, explore, and use our bodies as our strongest tool. Couch potato is not in our DNA, whether we like it or not, and sitting down as much as we do does nothing but breed underdeveloped, weak, asymmetrical bodies. I am not only talking to the adults with jobs that have them tied to their desk all day, I am also talking to the 10-year old’s that aren’t out building forts and riding bikes, playing capture the flag, and having water balloon fights, but rather sitting on their rear ends playing video games until their thumbs go numb.

I understand that may seem a little harsh, but it’s the truth and we need to hear it! There is no better time than now to get outside, get active, and change up your routine a little. We, as a society, have our priorities all wrong when sitting is where we find ourselves most. Take a walk around your neighborhood tonight. Walk with a purpose. I am confident you will feel more alert as a result (it can also help you clear your mind!)

Golf courses are open and packed with play as the weather gets nicer. I realize some tracks (like Augusta National pictured below) are a bit more of a test than others, but look at it as a challenge! Pay close attention to how you feel and how you perform when you walk instead of ride. Do you find yourself getting into a better rhythm by avoiding the stop and start nature of the golf cart? Is your heart rate slightly elevated and the legs feeling warm? These are all good things! Remember, golfers are athletes!

If you want your body to take care of you, you need to take care of your body. Carrying your clubs on the course is a great start, and simply going for a walk will help you hit the reset button.