Stay Consistent BY Ali Brochu

Why is repetition so important? Even more importantly, why is consistency so important?  In the Performance Zone, this is key! Within a few weeks of learning an exercise, neurological adaptations will take place.  Meaning, once the brain learns a new movement, the body is able to quickly execute these new movement patterns through the connection from the brain to the body.  It takes approximately 3-6 weeks to increase muscular strength with these new movement patterns and roughly 4-12 weeks to see visible changes in muscular definition and size.  But this all depends on the athlete and how hard they’re willing to work.  
Take your corrective exercises for example. This is where we as Performance Coaches derive them from!  Within the golf swing, tendencies will arise and when they do, we give you “corrective exercises”.  These corrective exercises are new movement patterns that, when properly completed help “correct” your golf tendency.  
However, completing corrective exercises, working out once, or even swinging a club just a few times will not suffice in order to improve performance.  This is why constantly repeating the learned movement patterns is so important! The more you do and practice, the quicker the neurological, and muscular adaptations will occur! 
So although you’re tired and want to switch up your routine after practicing it once or twice, remember to just stay consistent! Great things will follow!