Start Your Day In The Gym!

Do you wake up feeling tired, stiff and lack energy in the morning?  Even after a solid 6-8 hour nights sleep?  What’s the first thing you think to do to wake yourself up?  COFFEE!
I’m sorry to say, but coffee is just an addiction.  Caffeine increases brain activity which transfers through your nervous system, stimulating your body.  This gives off the illusion that you feel awake and refreshed.  Coffee containing methylxanthine tells your brain to release chemicals and hormones such as serotonin for example. Serotonin then tells the rest of your body to speed up the normal process of body functions, like mood, digestion and arousal, which is when you start to feel awake and alert. Great! Until the caffeine wears off…and what happens when you skip that cup in the morning? Oh No.. HEADACHE!
Although there are many benefits to that single cup of coffee, I’m going to let you in on a little secret so you won’t have to rely on that cup, but instead enjoy it whenever you want, not when you need.  
Starting your day with a workout has the same effects on your body as coffee does. Instead of relying on a stimulant to trigger chemicals to release within our brain, our bodies are now naturally producing these chemicals with exercise!  We all know that feeling after a great workout when your mood increases and you get another rush of adrenaline.   Your muscles feel tired for a minute but you’re happy and feel accomplished and ready to tackle anything else that comes your way! This is dopamine coursing through your veins from the hard work you just completed.  Dopamine, like serotonin, increases mood and makes you feel happy and aids in memory retention.  Exercise also gets rid of “negative” chemicals in the body that make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. 
Not only does physical activity help your muscles, bones, immune system, organs, and the list goes on and on… but it also has the same effect as caffeine.  So I challenge you to try a workout in the morning instead of a cup of coffee! Make it a habit and you’ll question why you’ve ever fooled yourself into thinking you need coffee.  Not to mention, coffee can’t help turn back the hands of time on our bodies like exercise can!