Solve Your Anatomy Puzzle

Have you ever scratched your head at an exercise and asked yourself how in the world it was going to help your golf swing? This is a fair question to ask and one that you should feel comfortable asking whenever you have it. Early in the Academy year, when mobility, stability, and overall quality of movement are the focus, the purpose of some exercises may not always be as straightforward as you might think. There are many pieces to your anatomy puzzle that affect your kinetic chain differently, and improving these limitations does not always mean you need to work that specific area. Improving a limitation in the shoulder, for instance, often requires stabilizing that joint by strengthening the supporting cast of muscles of the scapula.  
Once function is restored, an athlete can begin to train to improve strength and power in a particular area. Through our strength phases, and certainly as we enter our power and speed phases, the exercise selection has and will continue to become more relatable to the move you are going to need to make when you tee it up. It is important to understand that we are athlete’s first, and golfer’s second. We train with that mindset every week, because of the foundation necessary to avoid injury and be successful at a rotary sport like Golf. If you are continuing to fight nagging injuries, it is important you develop a plan to improve these areas as soon as possible before you ask your body to work at the high level necessary to improve your power. Reach out to a Performance Coach today to schedule your physical evaluation and we can help you develop that plan.