Sleep by Ali Brochu

Did you get a good night of sleep?  Sleep becomes neglected all too often due to work or school, staying up to watch that show, out with friends, travel and commutes, maybe you don’t even notice when you’ve been scrolling through social media in bed for too long.  But what happens when you neglect sleep or stay up a little too long and reap the consequences the next morning with that extra cup of coffee? As soon as your sleep declines, so does everything else.  Your health, performance, focus, mood, regulatory systems (nervous, endocrine, sensory and especially circadian systems) all go down hill.  

Sleep is the best performance enhancer. Period. No drugs, chemicals, or money.  Just time, and when time is as valuable as yours, make sure you spend it on the right things.  Like getting a good night’s sleep! 

Sleep is extremely important for recovery and rebuilding our bodies systems (muscular system, cardiovascular, CNS, etc.) that get broken down throughout the day due to workouts, sports, and even stress.  A common myth is that “I’ll catch up with sleep over the weekend, or when I have more time.” Unfortunately, that will leave you feeling more tired than you were before.  You’ll become groggy and still do damage to your body’s circadian rhythm (body’s “natural clock” telling us when to wake and sleep) and more.  A regular sleep schedule gaining at least 6-8 hours of solid, high quality sleep a night, is the way to go! 

Although, there’s never enough time in one day, stop stressing about whatever it may be that you’re staying up late to do and just sleep on it.  Wake up refreshed and clear headed from recharging and tackle that task in the morning. Your performance, mood and a whole lot more will work better for you!