Recommitment to your Goals:

Have you ever found yourself not doing the things you used to do to reach your goals, just because life got in the way or you are simply too tired at the end of the day to do the thing you committed to? I hear you! I admittedly do that myself from time to time! The good thing about life is you can always start back up what you committed yourself to! 

I recently have recommitted to myofascial release techniques using a foam roller and lacrosse ball every night before I go to bed, no matter what! So on the days where I get home late or have already rolled out and worked out, I still get on the ground on the foam roller or lacrosse ball and roll. Some days I only spend 10 minutes, other days I am on it for 30 minutes. It is amazing what happens when you get the body to do something your brain might not want to do! Not only does it show commitment, discipline and grit but your body will thank you, as it starts to recover faster, feel better and you start to move better! After all, that’s why you all came to GPC in the first place, right? 

Now this doesn’t have to be foam rolling (although I highly suggest you do this every day!) but it could be a recommitment to practicing golf every day, whether you’re at GPC or at home there’s always a drill you can do to get one step closer to your goals! Or it’s a recommitment to your corrective exercises every night before bed to increase your movement capabilities. Or you’re having a difficult time doing it on your own and you decide to commit to one small group class each week! There’s always something you are neglecting that you can recommit to! So I invite you to take a deep look at what you have going on in your life and find some time to work on the things you need to do to reach your goals next season!