Last week the GPC team went to the PGA Show! What a great event where the whole golf world is all at one spot at the same time! 

This took place at the Convention Center down in Orlando, this place was huge, filled with what felt like miles and miles worth of  everything golf. From the newest equipment, clothing, technology to fitness equipment and the latest speed trainer. 

Overall nothing groundbreaking in the fitness section. A lot of gimmick items like a suit that allows you to do a 2 hour workout in just 20 mins, or 5 different speed trainers that do the exact same thing. Some of the presentations were pretty good,overall it was nice to see that some of the golf world is starting to look at periodization and programming the right things at the right time of year. I do think that most of the golf world is still doing “fitness”, for example the thought is  if I workout, I will play better golf. While that may be true to a certain degree, not many are thinking about performance. Taking measurements and screens, applying the right exercise for the athlete to ultimately help them in the golf swing and everyday life. That’s why we stick to our backbone of assess and measure to track over time to make sure you are on the right track and not doing something that may hinder your golf swing and movement. If I haven’t reached out to you yet, you will be hearing from me as your corretives run out. For most of you it is time to check in and see where you are at, is it time to progress? I also need your help as well, when you feel like an exercise is becoming too easy, but you still have it scheduled for a few more weeks, reach out to me, it may be time to progress sooner than originally thought. 

The biggest takeaway from the show is that markerless 3D capture is on the rise. Being able to capture a golf swing without any equipment and just your phone or Ipad is definitely the next big thing in golf. All I can say is I hope they figure out a way to capture movement in the gym like a squat or a deadlift. This would be a huge breakthrough in the performance world giving data on movement in the gym, being able to track it down to the millimeter then comparing it to what we see in the golf swing capture! I am definitely excited for where the golf world is heading and to see where technology will bring it in the next few years! 

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