Peanut Butter Jelly

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

If you haven’t followed Max Homa’s antics on social media, you’re missing out. He can regularly be found roasting us amateurs on our never ending quest to hit the next one pure. Most recently he’s earned his second PGA Tour victory and is climbing the world rankings as quickly as he was gaining twitter followers not long ago, currently sitting at 39th.  Max, like many tour professionals has a team around him to help develop the best plan possible for him to continue this rise and hopefully find success on golf’s biggest stage in Major Championships. Mark Blackburn, Max’s current swing coach, understands the importance of assessing the athlete’s movement capabilities and relating those to the player’s mechanics. We believe the same here at GPC! Mark also emphasizes the importance proper nutrition to support the athlete’s efforts in practice and in the gym.

At GPC we refer to this piece of the puzzle, or element of success, as Physical Performance and Nutrition! Neglecting what foods you use to fuel your body both throughout the week and during a golf tournament will undoubtedly affect your performance. During an interview with (link below) Max provides some insight into his view on his on-course nutrition.

“Food is important for both the body and the mind,” he says. “I’ve looked into what foods make me function the best and what foods make me feel the best.” 

“My favorite snack is a trusty peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and this I eat after the 9th hole whether I’m hungry or not,” 
Homa says. “It’s easy to eat, easy to get down, and peanut butter is sticky, so it reminds me to drink water.”

A simple peanut butter and jelly provides a nice balance of both long lasting and quick bursts of energy to maintain consistent blood sugar levels throughout your round. What I like most about what Max suggests here, however, is that he eats that PB&J at the turn whether he’s hungry or not! He’s viewing his on-course nutrition like he’d approach a golf shot. He has a routine and he’s sticking to it. If you are neglecting your on-course nutrition I encourage you to reach out to a Performance Coach and get a plan in place. There are many options to support your performance on the course, and it is most important that this plan is repeatable and works for you!