Operation Hydration

Operation Hydration

As Human beings, we are made up of 60% water. Throughout the day you are constantly losing water through sweating and going to the bathroom. Before long, this could be detrimental to your performance as an athlete if you are not monitoring your fluid intake throughout the day. When we are dehydrated we start to lose concentration, have mood swings, and possibly headaches which all lead to poor physical performance. This is the last thing you need when you’ve got a great round going and you have 4 holes to play!

So in this summer heat, how can you trust that you’re staying hydrated? Well we have a plan for you to end dehydration for good! First step? Buy yourself a water bottle. I would suggest a nice durable 32 oz. bottle. Carry your water with you at all times, and take sips regularly. Your ultimate goal, especially if you’re active, would be to begin drinking half your bodyweight in oz throughout your day.

Sounds easy, right? More times than not we simply forget to drink water, but having a bottle with you will remind you to keep drinking periodically throughout the day. Set a goal of consuming at least 8 oz every hour from the time you wake up until lunch to start. Build on this by breaking your day into thirds and working up to consuming 8oz every hour in the afternoon, and then in the evening. This will help you reach a total of approximately 80-100 oz of water per day. On hot days when you are walking the golf course your body may need up to 1 gallon (128 oz.) of water to stay hydrated! Keep that water bottle close, and keep your fluids up! Once you’re thirsty it’s too late!

Stay hydrated my friends!

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