Operation Holiday: The Thanksgiving Party

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Now that the Holidays are officially underway I want to take a minute to give you fair warning about how to handle the next month or so when it comes to the many parties and family gatherings that we hope to fill the calendar this year. As many folks travel to see their loved ones, proceed to chow down on their favorite Thanksgiving meals, only to resume the position on the couch to catch the end of the football games, it is important to keep perspective. While preparing for these feasts takes a ton of effort and planning, we are all human, and it is easy for us to miss a workout and get off track with our diets as we enjoy the festivities the season brings. 
I’m by no means perfect, trust me; and I’m certainly not trying to be the Grinch here, the Holidays are supposed to be enjoyed with good food! I just want to help you manage your way through so your goals don’t get shot down with a few weeks of splurging. With all the travel that takes, be sure to give those hips some attention with stretches like the pigeon, rear foot elevated hip flexor stretch, and some glute activation to keep them awake and doing their job. In terms of keeping an eye on your diet, you’re allowed to indulge in a few treats here and there. Yes! That’s right, eat that pecan pie and enjoy every bite. What you need to stay true to are your portion sizes. Your eyes are going to be bigger than your stomach, but listen to your stomach! Do your best not to stuff your face, but rather eat until you’re content and put the fork down. I understand this is so much easier said than done, but if you can keep these two thoughts in the back of your mind, you will feel a step ahead as we approach the New Year! 
Happy Thanksgiving, See You In The Zone!
Tyler Campbell

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