New Performance Class!! “Stretching for Golf”

Have you ever felt stiff, sore and maybe even in pain the day after you play a round of golf? Have you ever thought, “if I just stretch this out I’ll feel better” but have no idea what the right stretch is? Or do you stretch and end up feeling worse than when you started? We have the solution! 

We are excited to announce that we will be offering a “Stretching for Golf” Class on Tuesday morning’s at 9 am! The season is right around the corner and this class is aimed at helping you recover from your rounds throughout the week. Helping you feel better, and be ready for your round the following day! 

During this class you will be taken through a stretching and mobility routine targeted at increasing the range of motion needed for your golf swing! This session will start with 10 minutes of foam rolling and lacrosse ball rolling techniques aimed at releasing muscles you use during the golf swing! For the next 30 minutes your coach will take you through targeted stretches and mobility exercises leaving you feeling loose and more mobile than when you first came in! We will also get into connecting the why of each movement to what you are doing in your golf swing! 

For the last 20 minutes of the session you will choose a few of your personal correctives and be coached through them! This Stretching for Golf session is a great way to stick to your plan and actually make progress throughout the entirety of the golf season! 

See you each Tuesday morning at 9am! Sign up through the link in the App, or click HERE! These classes are limited to 4 members each week, so make sure you reserve your spot ASAP!

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