Midround Nutrition

Mid-Round Nutrition – Don’t get sloppy!

The challenges the game of golf presents are endless. As golf athletes we work so hard off the course to engrain new skills, become stronger physically, and mentally prepare for how to handle the inevitable adversity that we will face throughout our rounds. It’s important that we give ourselves the best opportunity to transfer these efforts to the course! We have discussed in past newsletter articles the importance of fueling the body with the proper nutrients in the days and weeks leading up to an event, but what should be the focus in order to maintain consistent energy levels while you’re out there on the course?

First and foremost, I want to stress the importance of maintaining consistent energy levels throughout your round. This essentially means we never want to be too “jacked up” or too “down and out” as a result of the foods we are putting into our body. Consuming food or drink high in sugar just before your tee time is only going to add to the heightened state we all feel as we look to get our round started strong. In addition, that “jittery” feeling is the last thing you want to experience as you’re over a 4 footer for par on the 3rd hole.

My suggestion, instead, would be to eat foods that are slow digesting and allow you to reap the benefits of their nutrients over a longer period of time, and not all at once. These type of foods would consist of low glycemic carbohydrates and healthy fats. Trail mix, for instance, is a great blend of slow digesting carbs (fruit), healthy fats (nuts), and a quick burst of energy (m&m’s). In addition, to maintain consistent energy levels, you must consume this type of snack consistently throughout your round. Housing the entire bag of trail mix by the 6th hole isn’t what we’re looking for here; a handful every 2 holes is more like it.

We often discuss the difficulty of maintaining our focus and finishing strong on holes 14-18. This is the time throughout the round where it’s ok to get a little crazy and chow down on that Snickers bar (if it hasn’t melted yet). Although very high in sugar, you’re not you when you’re hungry, and a Snickers could very well help you keep it together and stay energized when you need it most. Don’t forget to wash your mid-round snacks down with a bottle of water or a diluted bottle of Gatorade (½ water, ½ Gatorade). Hydration is critical to staying focused as well!

There are many options to support your mid-round nutrition and it is important to find a routine that works for you. I am confident that paying more attention to this area of your game is certain to help your performance on the course. If you have questions please touch base with a Performance Coach today, we are happy to help!

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