Meet Roland!

Hello there, my name is Roland Millman and I am GPC’s newest Performance Coach.

As a Performance Coach, I get the opportunity to interact with all of our member groups. From our academy to our development groups, to our adult members, I get to work with them all. I really enjoy diving into their specific goals and corrective strategies with them to help educate why we are doing it. From program design and implementation to in the moment with the music pumping during the workout, I love helping our members work toward their goals.

Originally, I am from the Mid-Hudson Valley in New York, but I just relocated back to the East coast from Las Vegas, NV where for the last three years I was working in the golf and fitness industries. My background is in strength and conditioning and corrective exercise. I am a proud Springfield College alumni. When I am not in the performance zone at GPC you can find me outdoors. I love spending time outdoors, and while I am out there you may find me golfing, hiking, hunting, backpacking, and trying to pet all of the dogs. I enjoy watching Rangers hockey, and pretty much any live golf content.

In the gym, my principles are pretty simple – move well and move often. While that concept is merely just one that I’ve adopted, it is one that I try to own and improve upon for myself. I look forward to meeting all of you, so don’t be a stranger. Come see me any time and we’ll talk about how I can best help you in achieving your goals.

All the best,

– Roland

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