LivPur Hydration Now at GPC!

I’ve written many articles in the past talking about how important proper hydration is. This means having the proper electrolyte balance in your system. If you are just drinking water, your flushing out this balance and your body isn’t properly absorbing the water for your body to use. 

In comes LivPur Hydration! I chose to bring in LivPur not because golfers like JT, the Korda sisters or Jordan Speith uses the product but because I love the ingredients and the effectiveness of the product itself. 

Let’s break down what it is going to do for you! The LivPur Hydrate has twice the amount of electrolytes than a normal sports drink, this will properly hydrate you, leading to more energy and focus on the course or in the gym! Hydrate also has Essential Amino Acids, which are the building blocks of protein, your body will absorb these and use these to replenish and repair muscle tissue damaged during a round of golf or in the gym! The best part about Hydrate that is different from any other product is that it contains Glucose. Glucose helps sodium get through the international wall and into the bloodstream. This process is called Sodium-Glucose Transport and basically opens the gates for water and the rest of the electrolytes to rehydrate the body faster! 

I would suggest drinking one per day and two packets on days you are playing golf! These are a very easy way to stay hydrated throughout your day and come in three awesome flavors: Orange, Fruit Punch and Cool Cherry! 

These can be picked up in the Energy Zone at GPC now! If you have any questions about the product please come find myself or Roland and we can answer any questions or concerns you may have! We love the product and we hope you do too! 

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