Level Up by Ali Brochu

Challenges lie ahead wherever we choose to go, or which path we take.  Some are self-inflicted (working towards getting into a specific college, or play for a certain team, or trying to add more weight to the bench press), while others are more of life’s great wonders (when we ask ourselves, ‘why is this happening to me right now?’).  But the beauty of challenges are that they bring us lessons and happiness.  

In the Performance Zone, Academy Athletes have been working towards increasing our 1 rep maximum (1RM) on front squat, trap bar deadlift, and bench press. Throughout the last phase of workouts, our Academy Athletes and of course Performance Coaches have been looking forward to testing our 1RM in order to create a new challenge from the numbers we put up.  By setting the foundation, we then use these initial numbers to base our workouts off of in order to maximize our strength training.  In doing so, this is a tremendous challenge and task we ask our athletes to perform.  However, this only makes us stronger, gives us something to look forward to, and teaches us valuable lessons as we power through the unforgiving early morning workouts!

So just as Kyle said best in his previous newsletter Recommitment to your Goals, make time for them, and CHALLENGE yourself! I promise you’ll feel great about what you’ve overcome to accomplish those goals, and you’ll see the results on the course, in the gym, and everyday.  

Level Up.