Is Hydration More Than Just Drinking Water?

Have you ever drank water consistently throughout your day and when you get home, don’t feel hydrated? I know that has happened to me! I used to drink a gallon of water a day and never felt like it aided me at all. I’ve even told you in the past to do so as well, and I must admit I was a bit off on that. I dove deep into learning about electrolytes and what they can do for our body and the first thing I learned is that drinking water past your thirst level can lead to the dilution of electrolytes in the body. This could lead to an assortment of consequences such as your body pulling minerals from bones. 
So what are Electrolytes and how many should I have? The main electrolytes are sodium, potassium and magnesium and all have a positive charge to them, which means water follows, in turn letting the body absorb more water. The recommended intake of sodium per day is 1500 mg, Magnesium is 420 mg for males and 320mg for females and Potassium is 4700mg per day (According to Other electrolytes include Calcium and Chloride. Adding in an electrolyte supplement will help you get to these numbers and ensure you are actually staying hydrated throughout your day! Now this doesn’t mean drink nothing but electrolytes throughout your day. You still want to drink half your bodyweight in oz. per day. The electrolytes are there to support the absorption of the water.
Why would I do all this? 
Proper hydration leads to a ton of benefits! In the gym proper hydration will lead to a less “tight” feeling muscles through water moving through the body and hydrating the fascia, making it less “sticky”. It will also lead to improved sleep quality, improved digestion, cognitive health, an uplifted mood, tiredness and may other benefits! All by adding in a proper electrolyte supplement you can be one step closer to your goals! 
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