As I look at the faces of the athletes I coach…most of the time when they’re in discomfort and dripping in sweat, because that’s when I have the privilege of being with them in the gym… I think of how much they inspire me!  
Every day you wake up for an early morning workout, you’re an inspiration.  Every time you give a high five or knuckles or even a simple smile after the struggle of hard work, you’re an inspiration.  When you’re frustrated but continue to try again, refusing to give up, you’re an inspiration. Every day you SHOW UP, you’re an inspiration. The list can go on for a while, but bottom line, be an inspiration.  You never know who’s watching.  You never know the impact you’re making on someone, so lead by a positive example.  
This beautiful Friday morning of September 2nd, the GPC Junior Academy Athletes came into the Performance Zone, knowing they had a tough challenge ahead of them for the 7am workout, and were that positive example.  Instead of complaining or shying away from adversity they took it head on.  They even wanted to begin right away, itching to accomplish the goal and were antsy as Kyle and I explained what was ahead of them.  Not once did an athlete complain.  That, is a true inspiration.  
Through the struggle, through the pain from the cold early morning air, through the fatigue and dripping sweat, they rose above and continued to grind it out.  Their hard work and resilience is contagious! Be a positive example, because you are truly an inspiration to those around you, especially your Coaches 🙂