Increase Your Speed and Dominate the Course Next Season!

We all know that swinging the club faster will lead to longer distances on the course! Have you ever thought to yourself “How can I actually increase club head speed and use it on the course? Should I just swing faster? Should I just train faster in the gym?” 
While the answer to all the questions is yes, if your body can’t do it safely, it will lead to injury. 
I like the analogy of putting a Honda civic engine and brakes in a Ferrari, there is no chance the Ferrari performs as it should. Your body is very similar, we can’t just train fast if you’re not moving correctly and don’t have the proper engine or brakes.
We have the solution! The first ever GPC Speed Class!
Our speed class will first look at how you move and learn how to own each range of motion that your body is capable of. Attacking it with mobility and stability exercises to get the proper muscles and neuromuscular pattern firing and actually developing strength through these ranges of motion. This is like putting the Ferrari engine back into the Ferrari so it can perform optimally. We will then train the deceleration muscles after that. This is the part where we put the proper brakes on the Ferrari so now it can perform optimally and brake properly without crashing or in our case, not getting injured. 
Now it is time to SWING FAST! We will be using the technology of SuperSpeed to increase speed after we get the body moving as it should. This will be a 6 week protocol that will aim to add 7-10 mph to your club head speed which could mean up to 30 more yards on your drives! I know we could all use that! 
On Week 1 we will assess your movement capabilities as well as log your current club head speed with the Custom Clubs team. On week 8 we will reassess your movement capabilities as well as retest your club head speed to see your improvement over the time in the class.
As we always say, what can be measured, can be improved! 
Join our limited class beginning on February 28, 2022, taking place every Monday from 7:30-8:30 PM.  The program is $599 and the SuperSpeed Sticks are included.  Do you have your own Superspeed sticks? If so, the program is $400. There is also an option to add a radar to keep track of your speeds for $125!  
Email Kyle Panek | to sign up before February 14th! 

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